Sizes and measurements can vary depending on manufacturer, brand and style. The most effective measurement is the pit to pit and this is taken by laying the garment down flat measuring from the widest point under the armpit across to the other armpit. With this information you can then compare with a similar garment of yours that fits you well.

It’s important not to be misled by your actual chest measurement, you always need to allow yourself extra room for movement. For example if your chest measures 42 inches all around (this divided by two gives you a pit to pit of 21 inches) you would need to give at least one or two inches of added space otherwise the garment will be too tight. With that in mind you would likely go for a size that begins at 43 or 44 inches to give yourself 1 to 2 inches of extra room, this depends on whether you like your tops to be tight or baggy.

Garments have had their pit to pit measurements individually taken for each size and can be found under the ‘Size Chart’ tab on the product page. If you have any queries or would like any further measurements please email us at